Thursday, August 16, 2012

Knock Out Roses

So this was what my garden looked like at the beginning of the week. Can you see the two rose bushes toward the front of the photo? No? How about the vegetable cages toward the back? No? Really. I'm shocked. :-)

The First step was weeding. I bet now you can see the two rose bushes up front AND the vegetable cages in the back. Unfortunately, the vegetable cages were pretty much just holding up weeds. Only three of the eight pepper plants that I put in survived the crappy drought, because I just stopped taking care of them. The newer rose bushes are going to be more lively, but you know... we do what we can. Except the ground was so hard, I couldn't dig holes. So I had to soak the ground for three hours in order to get the suckers in.

And here they are, all happily planted. You'll also notice that I moved the vegetables. I transplanted the three surviving plants with baby peppers on them. We'll see if they survive. If not -- oh well. Lily isn't helping either. I found her eating one of the bushes today! So, I'll have to put a protective fence up that the Supers left me when they moved. The roses were on sale at Prairie Gardens for $13.97 each.

Okay, I lied. I left one red bell pepper plant in the back corner, figuring when it was done, I'd just yank it up and be done with it. But it looks MUCH better than the first photo, and now with all the rain we got today, the yard is looking quite green, too.

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