Monday, August 20, 2012

"Let's Make a Deal"

When Wayne Brady retires, X-man will be very happy to fill in his shoes. Because I swear that every day for the last month, whenever something isn't going the way he wants it I hear the phrase, "Let's Make a Deal."

Sometimes the deals are in place of what would clearly otherwise be a tantrum. "If I get the toy I brought to a play date to leave by myself, you have to give us five extra minutes to play."


Sometimes the deals are cute. "Let's make a deal. What if I can cuddle with you on the couch for one episode of Doc McStuffins and then go pick up my room? Because I love you."

Well, crap. Okay. :-)

Sometimes the deals are insane. "Let's Make a Deal. I'll clear my plate if you buy me the Lego Gold Mining Set (which is like $100)."


I was trying to think about where he might hear let's make a deal... and then I remembered, we use it when we try to come to financial negotiations when we play the iPad version of Monopoly.


One more day of summer. He made a special request for our last day together, so I'm trying to fulfill it. I'll take pictures tomorrow.

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