Sunday, August 12, 2012

Digging in the dirt

I'm loving this cool weather. I set up the sprinklers today so it would wet the ground enough that I could pull all the 3-foot tall weeds out of the garden. I got halfway done with the front yard. My goal is to finish the front gardens and then start on the backs, which are way worse than the front.

Since they were doing the patio, I haven't been able to get back there at all. I'm lucky I've been able to pluck anything from my gardens and I've pretty much written off this year for produce. Sigh.

Today, MacTroll and I are going to go to the movies to see Hope Springs. LL said it reminded her of Hope Floats. I'm not sure I ever saw that movie, but for some silly reason I can remember who stared in it.

Tonight, I'm making a Cherry Tomato and Yellow Squash Crumble. The boys are going to BBQ chicken to go with theirs. But for me, it's the main course.

I'll post the recipe if it goes well.

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