Thursday, August 23, 2012

After School Special

I picked up X-man a book called, "Eat Your Math Homework: Recipes for Hungry Minds" by Ann McCallum this summer while I was in California. He's been math hungry crazy, so we signed him up for 45-minute sessions starting in September with the Mathman, Don Cohen. He's kind of an institution around the Champaign area. My cousin John went to him when he was in Elementary School. Don could serve as a tutor, but often times he serves as the guy who loves math. No work sheets but he makes complicated mathematical situations pretty easy for kids from ages kindergarten through college.

Anyway, X-man asked to start doing some of the work. So today we made our own trail mix out of honey nut cheerios, mini marshmallows, pretzel sticks and dried cranberries (most of it stuff I put in X-man's special after school snack from his first day of school). Hooray for leftovers.

He scooped varying amounts into a bowl, mixed them up and then put 1 cup into brown paper bags. We then poured out what we had and counted them out and put them back into the bag, so we could figure out the probability of pulling certain items out of the bag. It was a lot of fun for a snack time.

I elected to put all of my items in rows to make them easier for me to count. X-man preferred piles. 

Afterwards, we set out to decorate the GIANT BOX that our neighbor Mr. Ron gave us. It was a great activity for him to do while I set about doing laundry and getting ready for our trip to Maine on Saturday. When he started, X-man decided he wanted to make it into a submarine.

I came out a half out later and found X-man with some neighborhood friends all painting the big box.

Apparently, the girls saw that X-man was painting a flap blue (he wanted it to hide his sub under water) and in this town if one color is blue, the other has to be orange. And there apparently has to be a big I in the middle of everything. They've all been well indoctrinated, I see. :-)

So, you know, a little math, a little art, a little snack, some social-emotional development...

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