Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I have been feeling really tired today. I'm not quite sure why (maybe it's because I only got five and a half hours of sleep last night after getting nine every night for the last week). But I managed to call three people today by their wrong names and look like a total moron.

My husband assures me that he's done this before, too. His solution is just to never call anyone by their names.

It got worse, when on the walk home, my child then called two of his friends by the wrong name (Isaac instead of Isiah and calling the second brother by the first brother's name).

I apologized each time, because I am so sorry. I have no idea why my brain is on shuffle. But it is, especially because one was a person I hadn't talked to in a while and now they probably think I'm the biggest bitch ever because I couldn't get their name right. Sigh.

I also went in for my pre-op appointment this morning with Dr. Kluesner. He was wonderful, but his staff had a few mix ups regarding getting my labs from my doctor (which I had done several weeks ago and they messed up where I elected to have my surgery done, which changed the time from afternoon to early morning). But Kluesner was awesome going over everything.

For the first two weeks I am basically on bed rest. I am not to let my foot go lower than my heart except to go to the bathroom and to get food. He repeated it twice because he knows I have trouble sitting still. He's probably right to be worried about it. I know I am.

I get to have a hard cast the Monday after surgery, and then another hard cast two weeks after that after he takes the stitches out. If things are looking better, I get an air cast. But it'll be 10 weeks before he sends me to physical therapy, which basically means 10 weeks of a whole lot of nothing.

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