Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Notes from the Bed

Tomorrow, I'm going in to see Dr. Kluesner a few days early. The swelling of my foot has gone down significantly and I have some freedom to move my leg in my cast. This also might be some muscle atrophy. So, they'll probably recast me a few days early tomorrow, and I'll find out if this adjusts when they take out the staples. I am completely off the ugly oxycodone, and outside of the occasional bee-like sting when a staple in my leg snags on the gauze on my leg, I'm in relatively no pain. I still ice every 90 minutes, but I'm not sitting here with ice under my knee all the time to keep the swelling down.

I also know I'm coming around because I paid bills today, typed of the library board minutes for the meeting next Tuesday, that I plan to go to (thanks to a ride from a fellow board member) and went through my inbox. It also feels nice because it's clean sheet day. Hey, you have to take your good times any way you can get them.

So in the good column, besides clean sheet day (which happens every 3 days), also is the amount of food the neighbors have been handing over to MacTroll and X-man. It's very helpful. Thank you. MacTroll, although a wonderful cook, isn't great on the day to day menu. He's more of a "I like to cook for 20" kind of guy. He's an extraverted entertainer.

I've also almost bit it trying to sit on the toilet about a half dozen times. Clearly, I needed more Bosu ball stabilization work on my left leg before I got the cast on. :-) I'll have to remedy that issue when I'm out of it.

Also good is the care package from my SIL in Baltimore. She always knows enough to send good chocolate. :-) And X-man and I have been playing the "Hang Woman" game. X-man was fascinated by the idea that it was an introduction to "coding." He's big into ninjas and secret agents. And he now knows in order to crack codes, he's got to keep working on spelling. He hates writing, so the game also helped with that. Each of the alphabet letters is covered by that silver stuff you scratch off when you play lotto. So he gets to scratch away my letters as I guess them and write them in the space.

My Mom also taught him how to play bejeweled (the zen version with no time clock or end in sight). So he comes down and we play that together.

KTDID came by yesterday for a visit. She was here for six hours and I don't think between her and MacTroll that I'd laughed that hard in a long time.

I also have plenty of fuzzy visitors.

I also finished watching the first four seasons of Mad Men and the first three seasons of White Collar on Netflix. LL recommended White Collar to me because it wasn't too cerebral and my past love of another USA Network show. And I have to admit I like it and not just because Matt Bomer is ever so pretty (even though, I'm pretty sure I could just sit in a room and watch him move and be quite content). It makes me laugh and I like how the writer actually writes women who are very different and smart and capable. It did more for me than Hunger Games did...

Tomorrow, MacTroll's parents are coming while we go to the doctor because X-man has the day off of school and MacTroll has to get some work done.

I think once the staples come out, I'll be okay to travel more. So don't be surprised if you see me driving one of those fancy motorized carts at the store! I'm actually kind of excited about that. Maybe I'll take a trip to Target. But staples need to come out first!

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