Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Today's Joys

Today I got to spend a lot of time with X-man after school. It was really nice. He grabbed a snack when he returned from the Mathman and came down and talked to me for an hour. Getting a six year old to sit still for anything that doesn't guarantee to blow up or have a screen on it is kind of a big deal, and it made me miss him like crazy.

He told me about his day. He told me about worries. He got really worked up when he told me that his art teacher told him Van Gogh died a different way than the ways the news and wikipedia reported. (He insists she said that he was shot by accident by a child. I said that the assumption was that he had killed himself, but that they had never found the gun. There are similar conflicting reports about the ear cutting off business, but he said his art teacher never told him about that. So, um, I did. You never know if she said all this and he didn't hear (or comprehend) or if she read a book about the various other theories (that a fight with Paul Gauguin, who was an awesome fencer, eventually lead to his ear being cut off) and he only focused in on one. Sometimes his facts are just a bit off. And the idea that someone he looks up to as "knowing" things could be wrong makes him very nervous. But it was a good talk.

Also a topic of conversation was entering the Lego Exposition at the Orpheum Children's Museum this weekend. He had to finish it to turn it in tomorrow (since he'll be downtown for therapy anyway). So he went upstairs with MacTroll tonight. MacTroll sat down and built his own creation, while X-man told a story and then whipped up a vehicle to go along with his story. I think we're going to need to start taking photos of each creation and the words he uses and making them into books. They're so detailed and amazing. It reminds me of when he turned three and us telling him stories at night about his favorite heroes became us telling joint stories and then each of us telling stories. God, I wonder if he remembers that year of progression. It was awesome. I doubt it though because he learned about Van Gogh at pre-school (including the ear) and had no memory of it. But I'm glad that I do.

Anyway, if it's a gross day, or you have a child that really likes Legos, the exhibit is from 1:30-3:30 p.m. on Saturday at the Orpheum. Children can drop off entries into the exhibit ($5 per entry). Each child gets a prize and is entered with other children his or her age. Plus, there's a raffle that you don't have to stick around for at 3:30 p.m. on Saturday.

In other lovely news, I woke up from a long morning nap at 11 a.m. today. I felt pretty terrible, but I got up and got into the shower by myself. I purchased a shower chair and this awkward cast cover in order to do it, but I felt better doing something out of bed. And well, I'm not a fan of being stinky, so I'm in there at least every other day. Who knew that taking a shower by the time you get everything ready could be so exhausting. Well, that and I almost fell over holding on to one crutch while brushing my hair. The cast cover worked really well, but it's a strange thing to pull on. I sat down on the chair with my right leg out of the shower (it's not comfortable to fit in the small basement bathtub, and feels better kind of "up"). And then I washed. MacTroll had gone out and purchased a shower head with a sprayer on it, which has helped a lot, too.

When I got out of the shower, Maya was at the top of the stairs Meowing. I texted up to MacTroll an order for lunch after I got back to bed and set myself up with a clean, XL men's t-shirt (Save Ferris!) and a new ice bottle under my knee (if you ice the knee, it carries the cool blood down to your ankle to help with swelling, since you can't get any ice through the thickness of the cast).

Turns out, since she spent the evening with me yesterday, she wanted to do it again. She laid with me all afternoon. She's a total purr monster.

I'm only really taking the pain meds when I need to sleep, which I think is good. It's impossible to get comfortable, but I do my best.

My hope is that tomorrow, maybe I can do some online banking and write some thank you notes to the totally appreciated and unexpected meals that have been coming to our doors. It's really been helping MacTroll out a lot.

He's been doing really well taking care of me. I wish I was better company for him though.

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