Monday, September 10, 2012


When I walked into the dorm room across the hall from mine during my freshman year of college (18 years ago), I did not expect to meet my best friend, especially when she took one look at me, raised her eyebrows in annoyance and didn't acknowledge my presence.

I will admit, I did look something like Blossom in linen overalls back in the day. 

I took the annoyed look personally and turned to leave the room figuring I would have to meet other people on my floor to make friends,when I spied a poster for a band that MacTroll's friend was in. I turned and asked whose "Neptunes" poster it was, and KTDID perked up. She also had a friend in the three-boy band. And her mood lightened considerably. Turns out, she wasn't all bad ass and evil, she was terribly homesick. We've been friends ever since. 

X-man has never known her as anything besides "Aunt KT." And although we're not sure he really understands that she's not related by blood, we do know that he understands she is related in all the ways that actually matter. 

And so he gets that when his Mom goes under the knife, Aunt KT is going to take him to school. She's going to pick him up. She's going to make sure that his life continues like normal, even when he feels like it's upside down. 

You can't thank a person enough for that kind of love. But I am grateful for it. 

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