Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Medicine and a Movie

As it turns out, Dr. Kluesner removed 1/2 of my staples today. The nurse also recasted me (It's Green!), which was much less painful than last time, although, I think they really mean for this cast to stay on for two more weeks and then the rest of the staples will be removed, because she put the new cast on pretty tight. So I'm back on the ice bottles. But I didn't almost pass out this time. So you know -- that's good.

I pre-ordered The Avengers and got it from iTunes yesterday, so we had a family movie night. I started the movie after Loki's arrival, because I deemed that part too scary for X-man. But liked the rest of the movie. There is a time in the war where the team starts to look like they're getting beat, so he got worried. But then they came out on top. The hulk, not surprisingly, was his favorite character by the end. I felt the same way when I saw the movie the first time.

But I hadn't seen any of the other Marvel movies besides the two Iron Man's before this one came out. I still haven't seen the prior two Hulk movies. But I did see Thor (which was awful) and I watched Captain America (which I really kind of liked) and let X-man see. And Black Widow does deserve a movie of her own.

I know he's old school. But he appeals to my altruistic side. He's classy and polite. I also guess that I missed that the reason Dr. Banner became Dr. Banner was that he was trying to use gamma rays to replicate the serum that made Captain, Captain.

Yes, I am a geek.

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