Thursday, September 20, 2012

Six Year Old Lip

MacTroll's been in charge of everything for a week, and today he looked like he was going to take someone's head off. The boys weren't home much between going to therapy, getting Culver's for dinner and then attending X-man's open house at his school. But when they got home, X-man was exhausted. He ran downstairs to say hi and talk about things and then when MacTroll was at the top of the stairs, X-man ran over and kneeled on step number two. Then his brain must have told him to sit, because he leaned back and fell down two steps onto his butt. He falls a lot when he's tired, except usually it's off the giant sofa or the dinner chair.

MacTroll let him watch TV for a minute while he talked to me. And then I asked if X-man had done his homework yet.

MacTroll went upstairs to do some dishes and facilitate homework and bed time. And X-man protested. He said a bunch of words that I'm sure, if we were in an episode of Mad Men and MacTroll was Betty Draper, would have gotten X-man slapped across the kisser. (It was something equating the idea that his father could go upstairs and kill himself before X-man was going to go up to go to bed. Instead he was going to be defiant and watch TV. -- Not a surprise that he didn't get his way.)

I only heard MacTroll raise his voice once today when he was trying to get X-man out the door on time for the open house. But there has been a lot of groaning. And it's been a full day.

Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday, and at least the business stuff can take a backseat. But I think I'll lay low.

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