Sunday, September 23, 2012


Each year X-man's school has one fundraiser. The students ask for contributions to the PTA. In exchange the students attend and complete a 3k run/walk. If they reach a particular goal, the principal and assistant principal promise to do something -- crazy.

In prior years, Principal Scott has eaten crickets, shaved his head, been duct taped to a wall and had pies thrown in his face, and this year he (and assistant principal Ms. Magrini) agreed to be slimed with a concoction of vanilla pudding mixed with heavy food coloring.

In addition, the top two fundraisers from each grade were welcome to come up and put small whipped cream pies into the faces of other teachers.

X-man was very excited because one of his teachers volunteered to be a pie recipient. And since X-man got to throw a pie in Mr. Scott's face last year, and a pie into the face of a camp counselor at family camp when he was 4, he has become quite the fan of whipped cream pie throwing.

The whole school came together for the assembly last Friday. I wasn't there, so MacTroll took photos for me. He also said the kids raised over $9,000 (their goal was $8,500) so they were definitely sliming the principal. The donation sheet said the PTA was using the money for an accessible basketball hoop to be used during recess. There are all kinds of them in the gym, but the two outdoors near the playground don't look adjustable, so this makes sense to me, since all kinds of children attend Carrie Busey.

X-man got to pie Ms. Retallick and slim Mr. Scott. Plus, it was pizza day at school. So, you know, it's pretty much his favorite school day ever.

For the most part, this year is going very well. He's gotten terrific notes every day he's attended school, except for the half day. (I'm not sure how he got five tally marks/resets in the three hours he was there, but we chalked it up to having a bad day.) His teachers have had very nice things to say about him. And he is very comfortable in the daily regimen (despite how grouchy he is coming down to breakfast).

I'm really relieved that he's doing so well and likes it so much.

In other news, I took a field trip upstairs this weekend. I sat in our big chair in the living room for an hour with my foot up on the armrest and watched Big Jack play Wii with X-man. I also looked through the pile of catalogs that had accumulated on my desk and tossed them into the recycling. I know that is almost productive, right?

Don't kill me. But I've started Christmas Shopping. :-)

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