Sunday, May 23, 2010


So, I got over strep just in time for allergy season to start. Even typing the a-word makes my eyes water. And, of course, because of all the rain we've had, my yard projects have been put on hold. The one day we didn't have rain, X-man was home all day, and then -- I got strep. And then MacTroll came home -- and he got strep. Today, I'm feeling much better, except for the fact that we all just spent 2 hours out in the sun doing yardwork... and now I have hives up and down my legs because I'm allergic (see watering eyes again) to grass.

But the pepper plants are all in. The blueberry bushes are in. The strawberry garden is mulched, so is the pepper garden. I've got about an hour more weeding to do on the east side of the house before we can mulch that area. And then I've got to do the west side of the backyard and around the hot tub -- all before we take off for Baltimore on Wednesday.

It's supposed to be hot all weekend. I'll have my weeding tan. :-)


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