Saturday, May 1, 2010

Moving right along...

Last weekend was my first triathlon. This weekend was the marathon relay with Quigs, Special K and Special K's awesome sister, the Mighty Meg I had fun, but my most favorite part was running with friends rather than against them. I was happy to wait for Meg, and I was so happy to see Quigs.

I have three weeks before my next timed race. The Buffalo Trace is on May 22nd. It's a 5-mile trail run, so after school is out, I'm going to drive out to Lake of the Woods and check the trail out. My sister is coming down to run that one with me. And with my next MMO paycheck, I'll have some new trail running shoes, since I'm hoping to do the 7.1 miles at Lake Mingo again in June (we'll see how different it is from doing it for the Fat Ass in February).

Other things on the horizon include trips... the annual Memorial Day trek to see family out in Baltimore. X-man is so excited to see his cousins and play with the big kids. We miss them so much, so it's nice to get out to see them.

While we're there I signed up to run the McVet 10k. So, it looks like I'll need new regular running shoes soon too.

Must keep moving.

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