Thursday, May 20, 2010

From Tiger to All Star!

Today, I got the news that X-man will be moving to a four-year-old room on June 7th. He is going to be in All Star 2. He is so excited. I've been talking a lot about the big boy school (the 4 year olds are in a different building near the primary school) a lot. He apparently finds it very motivating because tonight, without a sheet of paper to copy the look of the letters, X-man wrote his name for the very first time from memory.

He was scribbling on a post it pad on my desk. I asked him if he wanted to write his name. He said sure. So I reached for the pen so I could write it on the paper and he could write it underneath it like he normally does.

"No, Mom. I can do it by myself."

He made his X, which he's been doing forever. Then usually he scribbles. But this time, he made an upside down V and then put the line through it. It was clearly an A. I reached out and grabbed KTDID's hand. Then he made an N. Sure, it was backwards, but seriously, who cares. Then he made a D, a very clear E and an R with a long stick, a short stick and a swirly circle in the right place.

I was ever so proud. He and I have been alone all week. And as far as weeks go, this one was superb. No tantrums. No freakouts. No hitting or biting. No screaming in my face. It was awesome.

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Quigs78 said...

Way to go X!

It makes me glad I gave my kids short little nicknames to learn. ;)