Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bike to Wherever Day

Today is my community's Bike to Work Day. Since I don't have work today, I chose to bike X-man to Next Generation for school. MacTroll got back from his derm appointment (Believe it or not after 4 years he finally went about  his wicked dry skin!) early and I asked if he wanted to come with, since now we have two bikes. He thought about it and grabbed his 10-year-old bike helmet and off we went. We stopped by the Bike to Work Day pit stop at the Savoy Recreation Center, picked up a t-shirt and some grapes. I entered in a few contests. There was one other parent dropping off her pre-schooler on her bike when we got to school.

I had forgotten what a pain in the ass the trailer can be with a heavy kid and just a little wind. MacTroll pointed out a few times that I seemed to be working a lot harder on the Mommy Schwinn than he was on the road bike. But I got the child there and got home. But there are days when I think a Surrey would be awesome to get around town in.

But it's a gorgeous day outside, and I'm seriously thinking of taking the road bike up to Parkland. Except we have a 1:30 appointment with the flooring place re: replacing our toddler/potty training/cat vomited on/dirty feet that's been professionally cleaned every six months since we moved in with hardwood... And there's no way I can make it from school to Flooring Services in 15 minutes.

So, MacTroll is picking me up at 1:15 from class and then driving me and the bike over to the meeting, where then I can ride home down first street. I'm going to have to do some crazy calculations using Google maps to figure out my routes in order to accurately log my Moon miles for the U of I Extension Moon Walk competition and I'll also need enough "oomph" left to continue to weed and mulch the gardens. An outdoor project we started yesterday and it's amazing what $200 of hardwood mulch from Country Arbours can do to the look of your yard.

Tonight, KTDID and I are taking the first load of stuff to her new apartment. She moves on Saturday. I am both excited for her and sad at the same time. Does that make sense?

I guess I need to get all the outdoor stuff in that I can get in before my mid-May allergies hit (grass seed) and I am attached to a Kleenex box and Claritin for a month.

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