Friday, May 21, 2010

Testing Positive and other medical news

So, I woke up last night covered in sweat feeling like someone had shoved a lighter into the back of my throat. This morning I called into work, took X-man to school and then went to Convenient Care at Mega Clinic, where in 15 minutes I tested positive for strep and got sent out the door with a prescription for a Z-pack. (The nurse and nurse practitioner who saw me were awesome, by the way.)

The rest of my day changed at that moment, as has my weekend. I'm resting. Literally, I've been in bed since returning from the grocery store. I'm leaving in the next few minutes to go to Urbana to dog sit for Zoe and picking up X-man. He's supposed to get a haircut and pick up a birthday present today, but I think we're going to try to do that tomorrow instead.

I had to reschedule the CARE Tricycle race on Sunday. And I won't be going to Curious J's birthday party,  because I don't want to infect any small children (even though it will be exactly 24 hours after I started my dose and shouldn't be infectious by then).

In other news, MacTroll filed an appeal with his place of work regarding the hellacious issues I had with Evil Insurance and Mega Clinic last month. Apparently the two businesses couldn't agree on how to deal with their bureaucratic difference of opinion, so Mega Clinic decided the best course of action was to just keep billing me and make me responsible for their marital woes, while Evil Insurance looked the other way and twiddled his thumbs and whistled like he wasn't supposed to do anything in this case anyway.

I like my husband's place of work. Not just because they do fun, dynamic things and hire a lot of very lovely people, but because they have always walked their talk regarding employee benefits-- at least in our experience. The last time we had issues with Evil Insurance, my husband's company's review board stepped in and told the insurance company to pay what should be covered for my child's corrective helmet. Verbally, we were told, "You'll be getting a check. We're so sorry you went through this. We don't treat kids like that."

This time, they stepped in for me. It took them 3 business days to get done what I failed to be able to get accomplished after I spent two months going back and forth between both companies. MacTroll got the e-mail yesterday that my claim will be paid and we should receive a check in 7-10 days.

Seriously. If we're ever in Cupertino and I meet someone on their insurance review board -- I'm going to hug them. They make me believe that good, solid, helpful people do still exist somewhere in mega corporations. Giant thank yous. Giant, giant thank yous.


imarogers said...

No good, dude! I'm sorry you are sick. Rest up and get better soon.

Quigs78 said...

Bubba got a haircut and picked up a birthday present today! Bizarre. ;)

I'm still not convinced that I don't have allergies. My throat isn't nearly as painful as yours sounds, and I haven't run a fever. But I did have a kick ass nap today. In your honor, of course. :P