Thursday, April 28, 2011

Busy Day

I did a lot of normal today. Work, housekeeping, bill paying. I was so tired I took X-man out to dinner because I was just too tired to microwave him something (how sad is that?) Afterwards, I got a run in on the track while he was in the play room at the Rec Center. Then we practiced our jumping instep kick for 15 minutes before he played basketball with an awesome big kid in the open gym while I finished my 5k run. The staff at the Rec Center even lowered a basket for him and we found a mini basketball (which made me feel like Michael Jordan).

Afterwards we came home and my favorite part of the whole day happened.

Check it out...

And the Canada puzzle is in English and French, just as it should be. It was less challenging than the U.S. puzzle because each individual state is pretty much a puzzle piece (and when your child sits on it, they shift) but X-man liked it all the same. He was particularly fond of the fact that we could build the U.S. and put it directly under Canada, "where it belongs." I know he meant on the globe, but at the same time, I thought it was pretty cute. Now if Melissa and Doug make one for other continents and countries, we'll really be in business. Because I'm pretty sure after doing this puzzle about five times, he'll be able to name more provinces than his father. :-) 

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