Monday, April 18, 2011

Update on the Boston Bunnies

The three J's (two from my childhood and one sister-in-law) ran the Boston Marathon today. The fourth J still has an injured hip.

Girlbunny J, age 36, ran it in 3:30:36. She was 7,714/18,000 runners and averaged an 8:02 minute/mile pace.

Boybunny J1, age 36, ran it in 3:15:01. He was 3,905/18,000 runners and averaged 7:27 minute/mile pace. Not bad for a soccer player. :-)

Boybunny J2, age 35, ran it in 2:58:30. He was 1,274/18,000 runners and averaged a 6:49 minute/mile pace. He was always a runner, and he's very, very good at it.

Congratulations to the J bunnies! Here's hoping you get to eat everything you want in Boston today. :-) And for Boybunny J3, you're a triathlete... enjoy your bike and your swim while you rehab that hip.

And apparently the rest of us will have to change our names to start with a J to ever run this fast.

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