Friday, April 1, 2011

Responsible and Fun -- that's me!

Here starts the responsibility:
Last night I went to the school board candidate forum at the Mellon Administrative building next to Southside Elementary School. The five candidates sat at the front of the room at some tables with microphones and questions were collected from the public and asked to the panelists. I was only able to stay from 7-8 p.m., since a friend of ours was watching X-man while I was there, and I really needed to get him and me to bed at a decent hour.

I have to admit something to you. Since college, if there are candidates I don't know anything about... (like when we used to vote for the U of I trustees way back when) I usually vote for the women and any names that sound like they're not white males. Yes, I know, that's insane. But I figure, when most other voters just choose the first three names on the ballot (if there's a list to choose from), I'm not all that much different, except I choose the people that aren't usually holding elected offices.

I shamed myself for not knowing about the candidates for other elections (or really caring) this year, so it's not like I judge others who do what I did or just don't care who they vote for because they send their children to private school. But this time, I made the effort. I know the names I'll choose on my ballot and why I'm voting for them. I'm almost comfortable enough to call up their election offices and have them put a signs in my front yard. But -- no one really drives down my street, so that's probably not the best use of their campaign funds. Plus, I've never been political enough to put a sign in my yard.

On the other hand since I'm on the ballot for anyone in the Tolono Library District (Savoy, Tolono and Sadorus) to vote for this year, I feel like I should be somehow more involved with the process.

Here starts the fun:
On Saturday morning, I'm fulfilling my first volunteer opportunity through the Savoy Rotary club. I'll be working the Ready, Set, Grow! Registration desk at Lincoln Square Mall in Urbana from 8:30 until 10:30. This means MacTroll will be taking X-man to Prairie Fruit Farm with the Super Family to see the baby goats and eat breakfast. Then at 1 p.m., we're headed to Seussical Jr. at the Virginia Theater  and that night, a new friend and I are headed out to Jupiter's at the Crossing for a little Brat Pack action.

But first I need to get my butt up and go to the grocery store. For some reason, that sounds very boring right now. Maybe I'll take my headphones and rock out at Meijer. :-)

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~rachel~ said...

Yeah! Look at you all official on a ballot!

I tend to vote for people with unique sounding names if I don't know any of them. Once, I voted for a senator I knew nothing about cause he had a crazy sounding name, I think it was Barack or something ;)