Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I ended up still having stomach problems last night and this morning. I was fine, until I made the error to eat something and then around bedtime my body was not happy. So, I'm stuck at home again today. Sigh. I at least used the time to work on three of my student's observation books, which made me feel a little better.

But the best part of my morning was watching X-man run up the ramp access to the kindergarten door, stopping, turning around and waving at me before going in. Then as I ran to get the book drop (cause I do that every Tuesday), there was a small boy standing on the corner (probably 4th grade) waiting for a school bus. He began jumping up and down and smiling and waving at me.

He might have thought I was someone else's mother. But he kept doing it as I waved back. I think he was just trying to move to stay warm. But it was friendly, and it made me happy.

Friendly, happy little kids are the best.

So are sleepy puppies. So I think I'll take a bit of a nap now.

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