Monday, January 23, 2012


At 12:30 a.m., my insides on my lower left side twisted in pain. I got up and rushed to the bathroom, and there I stayed until 4 a.m. So, I ended up staying home today, which meant I missed out on seeing my Clownfish, getting my son to school and volunteering at Carrie Busey's library.

Since Pepto failed to help, MacTroll ran out today and got me some Immodium. For whatever reason, that seems to be doing the trick. But I am thankful it's Monday. I can pick X-man up from school (his heart would break if he wasn't a car rider on a car rider day) give him his snack, have him do his homework and then drop him off at Rec Zone at SRC. On winter days like today, I'm glad that we have a regular drop in program nearby. I wish they had a day of drop in that was Rec Zone each week and a day that was Lego Club each week, because right now they flip flop. But X-man really needs some running around time when they have "indoor" recess in their classroom on rainy days.  And I could use another 60 minutes of sleep.

MacTroll flies back to California at 5 p.m. He'll be gone until Wednesday. So I'm hoping whatever this gastrointestinal thing is -- it's gone soon and I can get a good night's sleep. I don't do well on 4 hours.

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Ktdid said...

No good :( I'm just getting over nausea too. Hope you feel better very soon. If you need a hand, just let me know.