Tuesday, November 13, 2012

And so it begins

Last Friday, I went to my first deep water aerobics class at the Y. Then on Monday, I returned, but was running late, so I ended up swimming laps for 30 minutes. The first 10 minutes I just dragged my legs, but then I got daring and I tried the breaststroke. It was strange and there were a few stinging sensations in my foot as the water ran over it. Once I got 4 laps done of that, I switched to backstroke and tried a little flutter kick. It was fine!

Then I rolled over and tried front crawl. It was a bit stingy at first, and certainly not fast. I wasn't trying to really motor at all.

After 30 minutes, I was bored and ready to get out. As I gimped back to the locker room, someone else with a foot issue was gimping over to my lane.

But still, hooray for the pool. Tomorrow, I'm hoping to get to the Rec Center and to do some core/back and strengthening exercises, and then back to the pool on Thursday morning. Four 30-minute workouts per week to start, and then we'll gently add -- physical therapy -- after Thanksgiving.

Hopefully by February, I'll be back to my usual 90 minutes five times a week. The really nice part was that even after two months away, my lungs were fine in the pool. Usually after I haven't swam in a while, it takes me a while to get my breathing down. Maybe it's because of the slow pace I was going, but I actually was quite comfortable. My muscle memory kicked in, thankfully.

We'll see if that happens when I get to go back to Body Attack later in the winter! I've missed Melissa at the Y something fierce.

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