Friday, November 9, 2012

Fascination with Veterans

X-man came home yesterday from school with this star.

He said he made it after his class talked about Veteran's Day. (Carrie Buesy is having a Veteran's Day program on Monday at 10 a.m.) If you are good at reading backwards, you see that it says "Uncle B."

Two years ago, my great uncle passed away. X-man went to his funeral. It was the first time he had been to a funeral (not as an infant). It was his first "open casket" from across the room experience. But he was fascinated with how we say goodbye to the ones we love. He was also very interested in the ceremony that was held at the cemetery with the Navy there to recognize my uncle's years of service.

Shortly after X-man and I adopted a soldier for a year, until he came home from Afghanistan.

But it was really sweet how when he was asked if he knew of anyone in his family he'd like to remember for his service, X-man thought of Uncle Buddy.

That might also explain why he wanted to watch a National Geographic video on finding the WWII Nazi ship the Bismarck this morning... or maybe not.

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