Thursday, November 8, 2012

Feels Good to Geek Out

Tonight was Science Night at Carrie Busey, and we had a ball. X-man was excited about showing everyone his project, but then he got there, told his two teachers about it and ran off to see what everyone else did. There were 65 projects made by 80 students from Kindergarten through Fifth Grade.

There were a lot of volcano projects there, but as far as I could tell, ours was the only one about what happen to a volcano pre-eruption. In other words, how the magma got into the volcano. KTDID came along with us and she interacted with some of the kids. She also took photos of some of her favorite projects. There were a lot of people there. Mr. Scott, the principal, estimated that we had over 100 students, which for a 400-student school, is pretty amazing. One of my favorite Carrie Busey and MMO parents put it together, and I think she did fabulous.

In addition to student projects, REACT was there and they put on a performance showing kids different kinds of chemical reactions. They even made ice cream and handed little samples out to all the kids.

X-man was tired when we got home, so he and I played Legos for 10 minutes and then I read for 30 minutes. His brain was too tired to function, and he passed out pretty quickly.

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