Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Weekend of Science

X-man and MacTroll worked very hard finishing up X-man's science project for Thursday's science fair at school. X-man did three experiments to better understand how lava gets into a volcano.

First of all he learned while doing his background research that lava while inside the volcano isn't lava -- it's magma. So he revised his question to how does Magma get into a volcano.

He studied the layers of the earth and then drew a picture of what he learned. Since he has trouble handwriting, he sat down at the computer and typed out the different layers, so we could attach them to his drawing for his poster board. We also worked on his bibliography.

His research said that magma gets into volcanoes because of the heat of the molten rock and gases (it makes it rise quickly) and the pressure from the shift of the Earth's plate tectonics. So we borrowed good old Janice Van Cleave's Volcano experiment book from the library and did two different density experiments.

The first one we poured room temperature water through a makeshift funnel into a beaker and timed it. The second one we poured hot water through a makeshift funnel into a beaker and timed it. Then we did the same with room temperature vegetable oil and hot vegetable oil. The more dense, hot liquid ran into the beaker the fastest.

Then we took salt and dumped it on top of the oil and watched as droplets of oil rose to the top of the beaker just like a lava lamp.

Then on Saturday, we ate breakfast and watched Bill Nye DVD regarding the Earth's Crust. We love Bill. He's fantastic! It was another great library find. MacTroll took to constructing a device that will allow them to practice plate tectonics. This required the use of power tools, wood and plexiglas. The two of them running around in face masks and safety goggles was awesome. Then they both got to use the hot glue gun to put it together.

After it was together, X-man constructed a mini "volcano" at the top of the device. And today, I made homemade playdough (which I didn't have enough red food coloring for because it came out like pink slime), so he can practice squeezing it through his volcano tonight.

But before we get to the end of the experiment tonight, we took time out to drive to Indianapolis today to see a live show of two of X-man's favorite animated scientist/engineers Phineas and Ferb.

I know that Super Muscles' Mom will erupt in laughter as I admit that it never occurred to me that there might be a Colts game at home today. That said, parking, traffic and food availability is much better than going to a Cardinals game in St. Louis or a Bears game in Chicago. When we arrived, we found easy parking near the mall close to the show, so it was easy for me to transport myself. We ended up eating at an Einstein Bagels because the football game also began at 1 p.m., and there were long waits at all the sit down places (we were eyeing PF Chang's).

Anyway, we made our way over to the stadium. Our seats were pretty awesome, and X-man got a t-shirt and a stuffed Perry to take home. The next two hours were full of song and dance. It didn't look like many people were going to be there, but they all filed in at the last minute. X-man said he "loved" the show, but I loved how we spent the entire day together with absolutely no whining -- not even during the 2-hour drive there and the 2-hour drive home.


Debra Crabtree said...

<3... sounds like you are all having fun with volcanoes! And yes, it made me smile about the colts game. It was a GREAT game too!We are going to our first musical at the beginning of December. Was this show similar to a musical? If so, I am stoked because it sounds like he loved it.

ktdid said...

I love X. I love science. Put them together, my heart sings!