Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A New Straw Hole and Tooth Fairy Politics

X-man lost his third tooth last night right before bedtime. He was very excited because he'd been working on that tooth pretty much since he lost his last one in May. That's six months of wiggling and waiting, not so easy for a six year old.

In addition, his friend lost his first tooth the day before. The friend received $10. We've had other friends give that much, but we don't. We give $1 or $2. This morning, X-man asked why the tooth fairy didn't like him as much. And honestly, I made up that there were socio-economically different tooth fairies. Maybe his tooth fairy was just starting out and didn't have much to give. Maybe he had 10 kids at home and had different expenses. Maybe his friend's tooth fairy was old and had made oodles from the teeth he'd collected for the last 700 years. X-man accepted this, because he knows it's true among families, and he decided not to take his $2 rather than $10 as a personal affront.

But he's not ready to give up the myth of fairies. And that's fine. I didn't know how to say that some parents are really excited about teeth and give more money for them.  Sometimes when you're not expecting the tooth falling out, you leave under the pillow what was in your wallet. :-)

What do you give your children for lost teeth, if anything?


~rachel~ said...

Wow $10! Some patents really make the rest of us look bad ;). I think we did $2 for the first and $1 for the rest. He's only lost 2 and I still can't remember! And for me it's more like I have no cash so " borrow" from his piggy bank... Is that bad? :)

Looseyfur said...

We did $2 for the first and $1 for the other. But I felt bad because he spent a play date with his buddy hearing about the $10 over and over and over again. So I gave him $2... like that makes up the difference, you know. But it did make me feel guilty. Sigh.

Debra Crabtree said...

We don't do tooth fairy. So... we usually just have fun looking at the disgusting thing out of my childs mouth :P