Sunday, November 11, 2012

Showing Our Age

MacTroll and I went to go see the new James Bond movie, "Skyfall." This is Daniel Craig's third go around at Bond in the last six years, and I have to admit, I never saw "Quantum Solace." MacTroll told me I wouldn't be missing much. So off I went. My father loves Bond. I remember when I was little, there would be Bond movie marathons on TBS, and I'd sit in the basement with my Dad watching Sean Connery and Roger Moore. I never liked Timothy Dalton, but I was happy when they made Pierce Brosnan Bond. Bond going blond was a little strange for me, too.

You can tell that Daniel, although ferociously fit, is starting to show his years. And the theme behind this Bond was all about appreciating the wealth of experience time gives us all. In comparison to Bond, his associate, Eve, and the new Q look like babies.

But I guess when you're giving Judi Dench (who I adore) a LOT of screen time and then introducing Albert Finney and a nearly 50-year-old Ralph Fiennes a 36-year-old actress playing Eve and a 32-year-old actor playing Q do look ferociously young.

And I'm pretty sure this is the last time in my life I'll ever think of myself as young (other than when watching movies starring Jack Nicholson, Meryl Streep, Morgan Freeman, etc.) It's odd to see them aging. Because when I was in my prime they were "grown ups." Now I'm looking at footage of a 50-year-old Axel Rose and a 50-year-old Demi Moore and going, "Holy crap! How did that happen?" When did they get old enough to have their children have children?

Bond was a good time. It wasn't stellar. But it was fun, which is the way it should be.

Speaking of things showing their age. One of the handles apparently broke on our vegetable/fruit drawer when I was not cooking. MacTroll tried to snap it back on, but it wouldn't go because it was -- broken. It was time to change the water filter and order a replacement "dairy door" anyway. The dairy door broke when we moved in. It wasn't attached right on the inside and when I tried to put the butter away, it fell off and hit the tile floor cracking a corner.

But if we're going to sell the house, and the folks want the fridge, we should probably make it look like somewhere you'd like to put food. While I was doing all that work, I scrubbed it out today before hitting Meijer and grocery shopping.

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