Monday, November 5, 2012

Back to the kitchen

I have to admit something. I'm cooking. It's not often. Just a few dinners a week. But I'm doing it. Sometimes I can just pile all the ingredients up on the counter and stand in one place to do the prep work. Sometimes I use my scooter to zoom around. Sometimes -- I even walk a few feet in my boot (Shhh, my doc visit isn't until Wednesday).

I don't look entirely like Igor, so you know... I think I'm healing. (But I promise I don't walk on it barefooted -- ouch. This foot needs some structure and support!)

Anyway, not everything that I've been making has been good. But I just made something on Saturday that I love. So I'm sharing it with you. But you have to jump over to my poor food blog that went dormant when I got my surgery done. There will be many, many more entries there now that I'm getting my foot back and because I'm preparing for, not just one, but, two family holiday celebrations at my house this year.

Because it looks like (if we sell our house next spring) that we'll be relocating to San José next summer, I wanted to get the most out of a house that we built for visitors before we move into a much smaller house that probably will not have an extra bedroom. (Hey, a 1,600 square foot 3-bedroom house with two baths in San José will run you approximately $750,000-900,000.) Anyway, my family is coming for Thanksgiving and MacTroll's family is coming at Christmas.

And I'm so excited to be back making new recipes. I know, people who hate to cook or bake think I'm crazy that I don't usually make the same thing twice. But I like the exploration. Dining options are kind of limited in our little cozy town, so it's nice to try out new things.

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