Friday, November 16, 2012


I have to admit that I am a bit -- sentimental.

I saved my Care Bear record player and records for my child. X-man listened to them until he was 4 and the needle broke. He didn't play too rough with it... It was just -- brittle.

I saved my Cabbage Patch Kids for my child to play with. He did, until he was 4, and only wanted to pretend play with superheroes.

I saved my USA Hot Wheels Car set for my child to play with, until he turned 6, and lost interest in his Hot Wheels and only wanted to build cars out of Legos.

He's watched episodes of the Brady Bunch and Dif'rent Strokes. He's in the middle of a Star Wars craze.

And I have to admit that for one minute today both MacTroll and I wondered if we should run out and buy Twinkies so that X-man could try one before they were no more. I thought better of it...

I do find it a bit funny though that the only way to really extinct a Twinkie is to not make them any more, particularly since one can exist forever without getting moldy.

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