Wednesday, November 7, 2012

This Boot Is Made for Walking!

I got the blessing today to submerge my foot in water and to WALK in my boot. These are two very good things. I have to work on standing on my barefoot, but as soon as I feel comfortable with it I can transition to a lace up brace and a tennis shoe and drive short distances. So it's looking like I'll be driving by the end of the weekend, if it all goes okay.

But I don't get to start PT until after Thanksgiving. My foot needs to be comfortable walking in a shoe before I can do strength exercises. But I walked to school with MacTroll today to pick up the boys and it felt GREAT. I was 1/2 block behind them watching them play tag down the road with MacTroll, and I felt happy.

I was also happy because I finished the poster board for the science night tomorrow. X-man was really nervous about his handwriting, so he started typing some of the labels for his layers of Earth drawing. It took him 35 minutes to type 9 words. So, you know, I had him paint his volcano for the main part while I typed up the info on the two experiments, the recipes we used, the vocabulary we learned and a chart I found online of the scientific method, which was really the point of the project for us. We had a lot of fun doing science as a family, and X-man can't wait to have another science night. (I don't think he remembers that he's doing a special "Sloppy Science" program next Friday at the Urbana Rec Center from 6-7:30 p.m.)

I attended the Tolono Public Library District Board meeting last night. I came away with two cool things about the library. 1) That our subscription to Zinio, an online magazine database where you read current magazines for free, (which is free to all Tolono Library Card holders) is awesome and I can't wait to have more titles. I've been reading Consumer Reports there, which is a magazine I could never bring myself to pay for, but one that I find uber useful from time to time. There are many other titles to read, so if you live in Savoy, Tolono or Sadorus and have a library card, you should totally check it out (or get thee to Tolono for a card). If you don't, you could totally advocate for your library to subscribe to the service.

And 2) Our library is having a fundraiser at Barnes and Noble on Dec. 1 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. We'll be at the door handing little slips of paper out that indicate you'd like a percentage of your purchase to be donated to the library (you can also download and print your own flyer from the library web site). You DO NOT have to be a library card member to help us out. If you're buying things from Barnes and Noble for the holidays, you just hand them the slip at check out, and they take care of it. It costs you NOTHING. But it can earn the library up to 20 percent on all purchases that day!

I'll be volunteering to hand them out after I help out my Rotary Club. This year we're hosting our first ever Breakfast with Santa at the Savoy United Methodist Church (corner of Old Church Rd. and Duncan) from 9-10:30 a.m. There will be a light breakfast (fruit, yogurt, muffins, juice) and games and activities for children. Tickets are $5 per person, but children under 18 months old are free. If you think you'd like to buy tickets, please leave a comment with how to contact you, and I can get them to you, soon. The money raised will help the Rotary fund community and humanitarian projects locally and around the world.

X-man had his OT evaluation today. He did AWESOME on the Visual Motor Integration part. She thinks he's just devised a "drawing" method of making the letter shapes rather than having actually been taught the appropriate ways to make the letters. This is probably true given the improvement in writing from his first spelling test and the one we got back 4 weeks later after we'd been doing Handwriting Without Tears. So, she'll be coming over once a week to work with him, and he's meeting with her at school for 30 minutes every Monday but with a small group of two or three other students.

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