Wednesday, May 18, 2011

From 900 miles away...

Our dog Riley has had some lethargy issues lately. He had one episode when I tried to let him out at 10:30 p.m. before I went to bed two weeks ago. He had trouble going down the stairs. Then he spent the night on his favorite chair. I thought because I woke him up that maybe he was just really tired and not focused. In the morning, he was fine. He ate his breakfast went outside and everything was good. We took a walk later, no worries. Happy dog.

Then last week, the same thing happened when MacTroll and I came home from somewhere and he'd been sleeping. It was weird and I brought up the late night thing again with MacTroll. We kept an eye on him and by the afternoon Riley was again just fine. 

Well, this morning MacTroll got up and Riley couldn't make it down the stairs. MacTroll ended up carrying him. He took X-man to school and drove Riley directly to Dr. Mary Welle. Our dog is still there. They're ruling out one thing after another. He's spending the night at the emergency vet's and going in for an ultrasound tomorrow. 

So far the tests show that Riley is anemic. He has a low platelet count (doesn't this sound familiar?) and his blood isn't clotting the way it should. He's still not eating, which is different than the other two events. So they're syringe feeding our baby. And I'm 900 miles away. And MacTroll is all by himself. 


Quigs78 said...

He's an awesome dog with awesome parents.

I'm rooting for Riley and sending all the healthy, happy vibes I can to him.

Mactroll knows we're here if he needs us. *hugs*

T said...

Oh, good luck. My thoughts are with you and your adorable dog. Your post has convinced me that I need to take more pictures of mine, for sure!