Saturday, May 7, 2011

Selling the Drama

I haven't run since last weekend because of my heel pain and it's totally flipping me out. I miss it. I know I've cycled at the gym and swam twice this week and done Tae Kwon Do pretty much every day, but at the same time, I'm depressed without my endorphins. I feel bloated and gawky. I'm constipated. And yet, I'm more tired than I am even on days when I used to do a long run.

It's hard to believe running could be so different than other forms of cardio, but it is for me. In addition, there's the mental damper that I SHOULDN'T do something, even though I probably could do it. I have to remember that just because you can, doesn't mean you should. So, tomorrow, I'll be heading back to the pool for another 60-minute swim sometime in the afternoon. Maybe the boys will want to come along.

I've got to get in as many meters as I can swimming before the Urbana Aquatic Center closes on May 22nd for it's annual cleaning. But I also need to take X-man and MacTroll in to get our summer pool passes on Tuesday afternoon. I might get in a few more lap swims after the Champaign Park District Pools open for the summer on the 27th. But we'll see. I just don't want to feel like a cat in water when it comes to the Sprint Triathlon I'm doing the first weekend in June. At the same time because of the rain, I've been clocking more time on the bike in the gym rather than my actual bike.

This week I need to go to the bike store and get fitted for a new helmet. I've decided that the one I have from Target circa 1998 is probably up for renewal. While I'm there I have to purchase a bike rack for the RAV-4.

In other news, I got re-certified in pediatric first aid and CPR today. Provena held a course down at the Tolono Library for $20, so I went with two of my colleagues. It was totally filled with babysitters, and I know that times have changed when a 7th grader said she was going to be looking after a 3 year old and I flinched. I know I watched after a 4 year old by myself when I was 12 and didn't think much of it. And I know most 3 year olds weren't as crazy as my kid, but I would never have felt like I was leaving him in a safe situation with a 12 year old. A mother's helper, no problem, maybe if it was a neighbor and I knew their mother was home I could go to the grocery store for an hour, but she just looked so small to me.

You know what this means, right?

I'm old.

But X-man and I did get our orange belts this morning.

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