Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Rotarians at Work

Tonight, Quigs did a really awesome friend/neighbor thing and watched X-man for me so I could spend two hours volunteering with the Savoy Rotary Club at Salt and Light.

We filled pantry shelves and then we stuffed bags full of canned goods from the Eastern Illinois Foodbank. After that was done, we sorted and hung up clothing. It was my first time volunteering there and the first time I got to hang out with other rotarians, as we were kind of split up when we volunteered for Ready, Set Grow with United Way.

It was nice to be around grown ups, even though I didn't talk much, as I was concentrating on filling my bags with two cans of canned corn and passing it down our assembly line. They're a very nice group of people.

As it turns out Quigs gave glowing reviews of our children tonight. They've been friends since they were one, but they don't get a lot of play dates any more. Either way Bubba and PG have a permanent spot in X-man's heart because he's always thrilled to go over there. And he always whines at me that he doesn't spend enough time with them when he has to go home.

:-) And that to me is a definite sign of a good time. I know I cry when I have to leave Quigs' house.

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Quigs78 said...

Seriously, the kids had a great time! But PG is throwing up and has a 102 fever right now, so I'm hoping that X is doing okay today!