Thursday, May 19, 2011

Here We Go

I fell asleep last night early. I had pulled the drapes shut so that it was pitch black in the room. And I didn't wake up until my phone went off. I had enough time to get up and shower and get ready to meet my friend Sully for lunch.

For some reason Canadian chains periodically name their restaurants after US cities. It doesn't make sense to me. Boston's Pizza... Who wants pizza from Boston? We had lunch up the street at Houston's. It's a steak joint. I get that. Texas = cattle. But what I don't get is -- why pick the name Houston? Out of all the cities in Texas, why that one? Isn't Austin or Dallas just as dandy?

But that's neither here nor there. The waitstaff was all early 20's, mostly women. Mostly naked women. :-) Tight black dresses, boobs hanging out everywhere. I felt terribly over dressed in my shoulderless t-shirt and jeans, particularly when she'd bend over to wipe a table. And Sully, bless him, was doing his best not to have his eyes wander in that direction. But I wasn't as good about the boob observation when she'd lean over to refill my water glass. Breasts, breasts, breasts... "Oooh, when did my water get refilled?"

If the revealing clothes weren't enough, I ordered in my lame French, and she immediately spoke to me in English as soon as the dirty words Coke Diete came out of my mouth. French to Sully, of course. English to Loosey. Grrr! At least let a girl try. What's worse is that the menu is mostly French, but on some Americanized things like hamburger... It's just a burger. A burger classique. The description used "bacon" in English. So, you know, it's great when you order it in French and the waitress says to you in English, "You know it has bacon on it." Picture Loosey wanting to slam her head into the table. Yes, I get it. You're bilingual. It's hot. You read English better than I do. You look way better in that dress, and your boobs are anti-gravity. Thanks for the reminder that I'm old and stupid. I knew that coming in.

Then, as usual, Sully set in on a discussion that made me smile, frown, laugh, sigh, look away and blush.

Afterwards, he walked me around the corner back to my hotel before he headed to work. I went upstairs and sat in the window of my room (which I was happy opened) and people watched from above. There on a bench in front of a fountain in Square Victoria was a couple, late thirties, totally feeding each other a sandwich, laughing and making out. Ahhh, Montreal. Women walked by in hot shoes. A high school group came by with kids laughing and holding hands. Happy people on a spring day. It was perfect.

Tomorrow, Ms. Mouse is picking me up for breakfast. Then she's dropping me off. I think I'll head up to the Baie and do some shopping before she comes back to whisk me off to her place for dinner. Then I go to sleep and wake up early, early to get in a cab and go to the airport.

MacTroll's update on Riley is that the ultrasound was sent to the radiologist. All autoimmune issues were ruled out. But the vets thought the spleen looked troublesome on the ultrasound, but they're not saying anything for sure before the radiologist sees the film. MacTroll said that Riley is walking very slowly. He's not steady on his feet. If it is a tumor in his spleen, which is a pretty aggressive place to have cancer, he's in trouble. Even with spleen removal and chemo, dogs don't usually live too long after that kind of treatment. The tumors are most always malignant, and they can spread to the brain, which could be why he appears to have neurological issues.

But again, this is all speculation. We'll know more tomorrow. If he does have cancer or doesn't but isn't showing any signs of improvement in the mobility area, we'll be canceling our trip to Atlanta. He'll need more care, and we want to be around for it. He's given us so much over the last 10 years, it's the very least we can do for him.

But first, I'm going to take a long bubble bath, tuck myself into my zillion-count W hotel sheets and pass out. Maybe I'll even crack one of the 1/2 bottles of wine. Hey, is Roy Dupuis on the TV? Cause I could totally snuggle into the faux fur blanket on my my chaise lounge for 4 and get into that. What do you think, LL?

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