Saturday, May 28, 2011

I Can't Wash My Hands Enough Today

Today, my dad came down to take X-man out and about so that MacTroll and I could clean the garage. It was in dire need. We had all that flooring put in during the cold months, and they did all the cutting in the garage. So dust was everywhere. Plus, we had the whole mouse issue, which means there were mouse turds. And then... Quigs' favorite... the spring spider infiltration. Our garbage is full, our recycling is full, and things are more organized. Although I'm still hoping for some peg board to put all of our tools on and a work bench, just because it'll give me a chance to clean out all the "tool" junk drawers in the house. (When MacTroll can't find something -- he just goes and buys something new. No lie. We have four different sets of Allen Wrenches because he keeps losing the 5/32.)

If anyone needs a hammock stand or a seed/fertilizer spreader (we even have some pet friendly fertilizer unopened in a bag) let me know. If not, I'm cleaning them up and dropping them off somewhere.

Afterwards, MacTroll ran out looking for a studfinder and in search of a new pole to fix a broken shelf support in our garage. I ran to Target... to get to Target. :-)

You can totally tell I haven't lived in my house for the last four days. I ran in yesterday for a moment to change clothes and it was disgusting. It's looking a bit better. But Holy Cow, MacTroll should never be left alone to his own devices. He just doesn't notice things... for example: I have to make an appointment on Monday for my two boy cats -- Luke and Clawdio. Something is going on... either healthwise or between them, because one keeps peeing out the front of the box and randomly pooped near the front stairs the other day. And the other pooped under X-man's bed and peed in the bottom drawer of his dresser where his pjs are. How a boy puts on PJs, and doesn't notice that he stinks, I don't know. How a grown man lives in a house and can't smell the pee and poop until it's placed right in front of his doormat, I don't know either. But you know they're used to me and my scooping practices.

So, yeah, it's gonna be that kind of weekend for me. If it would freaking dry out I could do something about the mulch in my driveway. Last weekend was crazy gusty wind. This weekend is torrential downpours. Apparently, Mother Nature doesn't give a shit about my schedule.

Oh, and as for Riley, he's doing a bit better. His movement has greatly improved on the medicines. But his left hind leg is still gimpy from time to time. He's being spoiled with wet food. :-)

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imarogers said...

Thanks for the Riley update. I was wondering how he was doing.