Thursday, May 5, 2011

My First Teacher Appreciation Week

X-man picked out orchids from the Bob the Builder store to take to his main teachers on Monday. When I asked him what he wanted to give his Spanish, Music and Art teachers, he sat down to think about it.

He decided that Ms. Mary, his beloved music teacher, needed a new drum and a scrumdiddleyumptious bar for teaching him all about Willy Wonka. Spanish and Art "are fun" but he thought they needed coffee for some reason, so I went with the Starbuck's gift cards. :-)

It didn't occur to me that this year, I might actually have had enough presence at MMO to warrant being considered a regular teacher. I have been there 2-3 mornings a week since September of 2009, but most of the kids forget where or how they know me. They just know I'm around. This is not an unusual case given that most of them had me when they're still in diapers.

But it was nice that on Tuesday when I went into work, one of the toddlers brought me a rose. And it was awesome to be at work on Wednesday for the MMO Teacher Appreciation Potluck.

Parents brought in brunch and then watched our classes so we could each go down and have 15 minutes of food, at a table -- with a table cloth and talk with our colleagues. It was really very special to have a little on-the-job break.

So, today after school X-man and I are picking up a drum from Ten Thousand Villages and then we're headed to Wal-mart for the Willy Wonka candy bar.

Tomorrow will be our last Teacher Appreciation Delivery... and then it's back to the norm.

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