Monday, May 23, 2011

Vacation then a Staycation then a Never Mind

The family was going to head down to Atlanta for vacation on June 2. MacTroll and I registered to do a triathlon, but with Riley's health we decided that a) we weren't going to leave our dog in his days of need and b) even if he passes away this week, we're not going to feel much like vacation.

So, we canceled everything. Nearly everything was refundable except for a night at the Aloft in Nashville and our race registration. But it's all sunk costs now.

As I type this Riley is splayed out on the couch with droopy eyes. His blood issues have made me pretty curious about my own, so as soon as I can remember to fast (i.e. I meant to do it this a.m. but forgot and ate oatmeal), I'll be going in to get blood pulled to see how my iron/platelets are doing.

No, I don't think I have cancer because my dog does. But it's been almost six months since my last pull, due to all the slowness of getting things taken care of with gynecology.

MacTroll is undoing his vacation request for Atlanta, so he'll have more days to use sometimes later. Not sure what we'll do with them. But no use wasting them on hanging around at home more than he needs to.

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