Tuesday, February 14, 2012


So I have to tell you a series of things I've been thinking about lately. Some are good. Some are lousy. It's just the way life is.

1) My son is really stealing my heart these days. We celebrated Valentine's Day yesterday before MacTroll left to go to D.C., but today I picked him up a special balloon from Schnuck's before I picked him up from his play date with Power Ranger. The two of them have been hitting it off really well, and it looks like X-man has an invitation to spend the night with them this Friday. I'm thinking it's going to go pretty okay. But at night, I lay with him in his bed and he tells me about his day. He asks questions about my day. We read stories and talk about the stories. He laughs. He snuggles. He tells me he wishes he could marry me, because he can't imagine loving anyone as much as he loves me. It's all very sweet. He told me tonight he wanted to grow up to be a toy engineer. I told him he needed to take classes in science, math and art. He thought he could do that...

2) I totally adore my MMO children. Seriously. I haven't completely decided what I'm going to do next year given that we may have to put our house up for sale, and I'll need to stay on top of things and spend the time X-man is in school to keep the place pristine. I'm terrible at such things. But I've been wondering, am I really good in a 2-3 year old room, or is it just these amazing little people I get to see every day. If I did choose to teach again, would I want to stay in that room, or would I request to move up so I could have the same students? 

3) I'm getting excited about the summer. Mostly about having free time. I want to sign up X-man for 1/2 day camp most of the summer, so I can get some time to myself to work out. I'm hoping since I'm currently uninjured (knock on wood) that I'll be able to get through the summer getting back to my pre-work/pre-injury workout schedule 75-90 minutes six days a week. Because, apparently, that's what it's going to take, since the hormones in my body seem to be conquering my will power about eating. 

4) Walking Lily is a good time, but today, I got to walk her for 60 minutes around Prairie Fields. We saw seven school buses dropping off kids while we walked (including X-man's bus -- but he was on his play date with Power Ranger). At every sign a bus was stopping near us, Lily would sit (still wiggling) and watch the door open and look for her boy. And darn if she didn't confused every single time as to why NONE of those kids were her kid.

5) I gave all of the candy I got for Valentine's Day/Birthday to my son. Well, after I dove nose first into a box of chocolates that came and ate them in one sitting. This is what happens when you have trigger foods. You think -- I'll just have one. And then boom -- they're all gone. It was my birthday, so I'm trying not to beat myself up for it. But I know I'll see the damage at weigh in on Thursday, and my winter coat, it feels snug in the hips. Sigh. Why do I self sabotage?

6) This weekend is a 3-day weekend, which is good because it's a grand slam bunch of events on Saturday and Sunday. It's all good (hair cut, birthday party, Center for Children's Book Pre-sale, etc.) So I'm glad that we'll have Monday to sort it all out and get some rest. 

7) I think I adopted a dog that's going to have to have her anal glands squeezed just like Riley... 

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