Sunday, February 19, 2012

Family Fun

Saturday was a special Carrie Busey/Westview School event at Parkland Community College. The Men and Women's Basketball Teams were playing and the children were invited to attend for free and to take part in a variety of activities. X-man passed on entering into the chance to pull the rope in the school tug-a-war competition. There was also an obstacle course at the end of the game that the principals competed in. Although X-man did like the flurry of activity and seeing a lot of his buddies from both schools in the same place, most of all -- he loved spending time with his Dad.

And really, I'm all for that. Cause he's a pretty awesome Dad to have.

The night before X-man spent the night at a friend's house. He'd spent the night at Quigs' and Awesome Idaho's houses before, but he's known them since he was a toddler, so they're kind of like extensions of our house... but this was a child he's mostly gotten to know in kindergarten (even though they were in the same pre-school class). 

On the way over, X-man ate a soft pretzel bagel, which can only mean one thing: 

He lost his second tooth -- eating a soft pretzel -- just like the first. The tooth fairy delivered him his $2 that night during the sleepover. And apparently, his friend's Mom makes AWESOME pancakes. 

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