Friday, February 3, 2012

Dogs and Cats sleeping together!

Our cat Luke and our dog Riley were in love. We'd find them in pretty affection positions from time to time. For example, I'd carry a laundry basket upstairs, put it down on the bed and be faced with a brown dog and a large black and white cat spooning each other. They both had their heads raised and gave me a look of annoyance like I had walked in during a very intimate conversation. "How Dare You?"

Riley was close with a number of our cats... not at first, but as he aged. Our 4,000-year-old cat Looseyfur used to sleep on the pillow above where Riley was asleep on the bed. It was like she was absorbing his warmth in her little arthritic body. None of the cats minded Riley -- except Clawdio, who would stare down Riley and make him whine in nervousness. 

Riley passed away last June, and I miss him very much, but I am ever so happy we adopted Lily. She is a very sweet and neurotic dog. And although this is a very far away photo taken with my laptop, what you're seeing is a snoozing almost 1-year-old Lily, upside down on our bed, with an almost 12-year-old Luke licking her head. It's not his dear Riley, but clearly he's accepted Lily as part of the family.

And Clawdio? He stares this dog down, too. :-)

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