Saturday, February 4, 2012

Lazy Rainy Day

So, I have to admit I've been pretty useless today. I got up and went to Kari's circuit class at 7:30 a.m. Then I ran some errands at the Coop and Schnuck's. I returned put away the groceries, scooped the cats, did the dishes and did some laundry and then I showered. It was 10 a.m.

Then I pretty much stayed in my robe reading Carrie Fisher's new book Shockaholic and playing with my phone or iPad until 3:30 p.m. when I got up, did some more dishes and laundry and did some work for school.

That's 5.5 hours of just lying about.

Right now Bubba is over for a sleepover. He and X-man have been doing quite well. I think it took two hours though for X-man to calm down. He was overexcited and wouldn't just talk to Bubba, he was basically shouting at him in crazed lunacy. Right now the boys are safe in the basement playing Lego Pirates, and I can hear Bubba's giggle coming up the stairs all the way to my bedroom. It's very sweet. MacTroll is in his office playing Civilization.

The reason I'm not downstairs is that I finished eating my allotted food just before 7 p.m. and I know if I go down there I'll eat something. But I also know that I'm not hungry. I'm tired. And a lot of times when I'm home alone, I'll eat from dinner until bedtime from exhaustion to stay awake. It's a wicked habit to unlearn.

So, it's 9:18 p.m. and I'm going to continue being a layabout and turn off the lights and go to sleep and let MacTroll get the boys into bed. I'm sure I'll wake up when they tromp up the stairs to X-man's room.
One of these days, we'll have to pitch the tent in the basement and put the air mattresses down there. But not yet... Maybe in second grade. Right now I like eavesdropping.

My favorite quote came this evening when the boys were in X-man's room playing a game on the computer. X-man was having trouble relinquishing control of the space bar to jump in some game. And Bubba asked very politely if he could do it himself. X-man protested sor MacTroll went in to intervene. Just as he opened the door, X-man looked up at him and said, "It's hard having a brother." :-)

I like that he feels that close to his friends, even if he doesn't get to play with them as much as he would like. It's special these kids he's known since he was a babe.

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