Thursday, February 9, 2012

Tomorrow Better be Friday

This week could not have been any more full. First, I missed my friend's Superbowl Party on Sunday because I was just exhausted. I felt terrible. So while the boys were out enjoying the game and the food festivities, I sat at home and did laundry, the dishes and chilled out on the couch watching Forks Over Knives.

On Monday, we had the MMO Open House. So I spent all day pretty much at work cleaning up my room and making it look like 19 two year olds didn't tear it apart every day. 

Then on Tuesday, my free hours were eaten up by a 75-minute trip to the DMV to renew my license. I got to finally update my weight to something beginning with a 1 and I got to take the sight restriction off of my license thanks to passing the eye test (Go Eye Surgical Associates and your phenomenal Lasek job!) Later that night, I had to run out the door to the Library for my monthly board meeting.  

On Wednesday, the boys and I had our first night together this week. I don't know what I was thinking, but I wanted something warm and cheesy so I had pizza... the night before weigh in. I'd been pretty good all week, outside of the fact that I hadn't gotten any physical activity in since my weekly Sunday walk with a friend. 

Today, I got up at 5 a.m. and went to the C-U Sunrise Rotary that meets at the Hawthorne Suites. Everyone there was really crazy chipper way too early in the morning. They must be heavy coffee users. No one bought pancake and sausage breakfast tickets from me. :-( I've only sold four, and I have six more to go. Then after work, I had to go to my regular Rotary Meeting. Then I went to the U of I because tomorrow I start taking part in a week-long study for the Department of Kinesiology. Today, I filled out some forms and answered some questions. Tomorrow, I put a monitor on my waist and wear it every waking moment except when I'm in the shower or sleeping. For my efforts I get $15. Woot! But it's a study on the activity of Moms... Afterwards, I came home and went to the gym and lifted weights for 45 minutes and did a 10-minute walk. Then I rushed and made the boys dinner: Chicken and Goat Cheese Strudel from Clean Eating. MacTroll said he loved it. Just as a side, I didn't have any ground chicken so I just used chicken breast cut into strips. Then I ran out the door to my weight management meeting, where I apparently lost 2 lbs since last week, no thanks to that pizza. When I got home, we took X-man back to campus so he could start swim lessons. Unfortunately, he had to switch teachers do to scheduling, so now he has Ms. Casey.

That means tomorrow is Friday, right? After school I get to have lunch with Quigs, which is awesome, because we haven't lunched forever. Then I'm picking up X-man (he's happy to be a car rider). I drop him off at home and I scurry over to the University where I'm taking part in a psych study on weight loss and maintenance with the Psychology Department. Then I get to come home and make something for the Fat Ass Potluck and then go to the movies with Rogers. 

So, you know, my life is being lived... while I go from place to place to place... Thank goodness MacTroll just took my car in for a check up, oil change and new tires.

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