Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Becoming Mobile

Today was the second day I walked from my house to X-man's school. I'm using the word "walk" here loosely. I used the Roll-a-bout scooter with my knee up to get over there. It's hard work, but it tires me out. My mom also drove me around Savoy and Tolono today to run errands.

We went to the library, where I picked up the first library books for X-man since I had my surgery. He's used to getting 20-30 new books a week when I'd go and get things for my class. So, he's been living off of his personal library for a while. Afterwards, we deposited some checks at Busey bank, went and picked up some groceries at Schnuck's, dropped off some mail at the post office and bought Luke some of his grain-free wet cat food at Prairieland Feeds. When I got home, I rented the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. We ate lunch in front of the movie and then I took off to go get X-man.

At home, we worked on his math and spelling homework. Then we read nine out of the twelve books I brought back from the library. His favorite from this set was Pigs by Robert Munsch.  Then he got dressed, without any complaint, to go to soccer. He really likes his Big Feet (intro to soccer) at Soccer Planet. Mom and I sat at a picnic table and watched him. He was having a ball. Afterwards, he asked to go to Merry Ann's Diner for dinner, so we hit the one on campus in Urbana.

He showered and then came downstairs again so we could reread some library books and then I read him the details in the Lego Christmas catalog until it was time for bed. He was totally asleep by 8:40 p.m. It was a good, big day.

I'll be picking the boys up via scooter on Wednesday and Thursday again this week, in case you want to see me doing pretty much the only "workout" I can manage at this point.

Tomorrow, X-man sees The Mathman, so I think I'll have my Mom drop him off and then she and I can go to Espresso Royale on Windsor for the 40 minutes he's working the numbers. It turns out X-man's therapist is moving offices starting in November, so we'll be following her to her new place.

I'm going to going it alone next week T/W/Th, but I think I'll be fine.  I get to start standing on my foot on Monday. So I'll be able to step down with my left and then stand on my right for balance a bit. I'll also be leaving the scooter in the garage, so I can get X-man from school in the afternoons rather than carrying it up and down the two steps (which would be impossible for me on one foot).

My Dad is swinging back into town to take X-man trick or treating on Halloween, too.

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