Thursday, October 25, 2012

Wouldn't it be nice?

This morning as I got X-man ready for his day. He went over his mental checklist of everything that was happening today so he could be prepared.

He made sure he wore his pajamas for his pajama party/Greatness Party in his classroom. He made sure he had his "baggie books" and math homework in his homework folder to give to his teachers. He made sure I didn't pack him a lunch because it's a half day at school, so no lunch will be eaten. He double checked that he put on underwear (cause, um, he's forgotten a couple of days lately). And then he hugged his two blue blankets and his Sleepy Dog. As he did so, I handed him his long-sleeve shirt to put on. He wrapped up his stuffed animal in the blankets and left them on the soft throws on the couch to wait for him until he got home.

"Mommy, wouldn't it be nice if we had a day where everyone brought their blankies and stuffed animals to school? Everyone would feel safe and cuddly and happy all day."

That sounds great, X-man. A utopia for little kids.

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