Monday, October 22, 2012

One Step

I stepped on my scale this morning not to weigh myself, but to weigh the pressure I put down on my leg now that I'm 5 1/2 weeks post-op on my peroneal tendon and ligament repair. The doctor told me that today I could try to stand on it and see what it could take. I was able to hold around 52 lbs of weight on it comfortably. This means I can put my foot down when I use my crutches, as long as most of my body weight is on the crutches. I'm slow, like really slow. But I can move.

However, I cannot drive, and when my foot gets used it starts to swell a bit and gets uncomfortable in the boot. So, I am taking it easy. The goal is a normal shoe on that foot by Dec. 13. Yeah, that takes a long time!

MacTroll and I did make it out to see Seven Psychopaths on Saturday. It was a decent film, and for once it was a film that didn't show all of the funny parts in the trailer.

I did have this one strange moment where we're sitting in the second row of the theater (our usual spot). I've got my foot up on my scooter, I'm thinking, "If there's some Batman psycho that comes in this movie and starts shooting at people, I'm totally a goner." And then I wondered if I should tell MacTroll to sit on the outside of me, so I could kind of body shield him and X-man would have one parent to take care of him.

Now, I'm not normally a paranoid freak. I don't believe that Savoy is a crazy dangerous environment. I know better. But when you feel -- vulnerable -- and aren't used to it, it does some weird stuff to your brain, I guess. I hadn't felt that panicked since I left X-man with a sitter when he was a baby to go see the second Pirates of the Caribbean movie. I had this suddenly weird feeling that the sitter was going to disappear with my baby. It made enjoying the film impossible. And I have to admit, I never saw another Pirates movie after that one.

Today is family lunch day at Carrie Busey. MacTroll and I are both going, but neither of us is eating at the school. We're also dropping off the pumpkin that X-man and I made for the library this weekend. He's feeling very fishy these days. So we made the fish from "Memoirs of a Goldfish" for the pumpkin contest. I also have to get started on his "Storybook Parade" costume.

Last year he went as the Smushy Bus. This year he wants to have a "Swimmy" by Leo Lionni costume. I bought a blue t-shirt and some puffy paints. So he'll be dressed as the "ocean" and the t-shirt will have all the red fishes in his family and Swimmy, the sole black fish. I like that X-man totally gets the spirit in which the Storybook Parade was intended.

In other news, I found another house in California that would be ideal if we lived there. I did the Google Street Map view and saw a ton of boys playing on the Cul-de-Sac. I also find it entertaining that it backs into the all-girls Catholic School, what more could a boy want over the next 12 years, right? It's also only 3 blocks from the public elementary school. Alas, we'll see what's out there in six months. I keep looking around my house noting all the work I'll have to do since I got off my feet. So many paint touch ups!

Maybe I should have a paint party. Anyone want to come help out?

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