Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Drop Dead Diva

Since I've been stranded at home, I've introduced myself to some new television. One of the "suggested" items in Netflix was a show called Drop Dead Diva.

It starts with a clueless blonde, size 0 model who gets in a car accident, goes to purgatory, refuses to give up on her life and ends up pushing a button on the angel's computer and sending herself back to Earth in the body of Jane.

Jane, an obese, very smart lawyer.

This show makes me very uncomfortable. I've only watched two shows, and I don't think I could stomach any more. But my big issue is here is this ultra thin woman, who has a gorgeous, smart boyfriend and a best friend. She drives a fancy convertible. And yet, when she gets to purgatory, it's explained to her that she's done nothing bad in her life AND she hasn't done anything good. She's basically just taken up space -- yet she has all of those things.

And, yes, if I keep watching, I might find out more things about Jane. But in the first two episodes what is very clear is that Jane is smart. Very, very smart. Yet, she can't seem to keep donuts out of her mouth, dresses poorly and is entirely work obsessed. Her only friend (since no one seems to call the main character or even e-mail or text her) is her cat. Her apartment is soulless and lonely looking. And I'm thinking, what the hell?

The trick is that Jane's soul and her memories have departed and the model's soul and memories have moved in. She spends the first two episodes staring at herself with a self hatred that is entirely uncomfortable. Like all of Jane's goodness is totally null and void because of the size of her body. Yet at the same time, the angel explains that Jane's life was one of value, (She jumped in front of a bullet to save her boss, which is how she died.) but it appears as if no one else on Earth valued her at all.

And that's what made me turn it off.

According to Netflix the show had/has at least three seasons -- on Lifetime.

Oooohhhh, that explains so much. I've turned off the TV now and have picked up a book. I think I'll take a Netflix break.

*** I forgot to add. The word FAT has been everywhere this week. Including the calling out of a TV journalist in Wisconsin, Lady Gaga, and Christina Aguilera

I was happy to find this article professing the insanity of it all.


Keri said...

I think you should give the show more of a hence. I have grown to really enjoy it and the fat comments soon dissapate. It is one of my favorite shows.

Debra Crabtree said...

Have you seen the news reporters response? It was quite awesome and powerful in many ways.

Looseyfur said...

I did see it. I was very proud of her. Stupid bullying.