Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fuzzy Photos

After I killed my iPhone a few weeks ago (by dropping it in the toilet), I inherited MacTroll's old iPhone 4. I hate getting hand-me down phones from MacTroll because he is a serious phone user. By the time he's done with a phone (each year), the battery is basically nothing (six to eight hours of conference calls 3-5 days a week will do that to a phone) and it's been beaten and scratched beyond repair. I acknowledge that I wouldn't be in this conundrum, if I wasn't the dumb ass who dropped her phone in the toilet.

You'll see that the photos are all fuzzy. That's because he didn't use a protective case and the lens of the camera got all scratched and beat up.

Now, why don't I just break down and buy myself a new one? Well, here's why -- I have been with AT&T for so long that I've been grandfathered in and have an unlimited data plan for $70 a month. I don't ever really talk on the phone when I have it (unless it's to my spouse), I mostly text and use it to answer X-man's never-ending questions. But I do admit, that I take photos with my camera enough that this fuzziness is annoying. 

That, and I think once we move to California, I'd do better on a Verizon plan (because I have a 3 call limit when MacTroll tries to call me from San José, Chicago or NYC and he keeps dropping on his AT&T phone). So I'm trying to hold out until next June... plus, it is possible that in the next three months, the Fruit will send MacTroll an iPhone 5. And then I can have his 4s, which DOES have a cover. No phones wasted... I just need patience.

Anyway, so here's what's been going on... This is X-man's creation that we made in the waiting room at his therapist's office. When he went in with April he was sad I'd have to take them apart, so I took a photo and put them in a baggie and my Mom delivered them to another kid in the other room who was waiting. 

This is an updated photo of my foot, so you can see how long the incision was. It's still swells a bit throughout the day. But foot massages are starting to feel good again rather than painful and freaky.

This is X-man dressed up for school picture day in his fedora, sports jacket and "spy shirt." Notice how he's got his excited smile on. He's totally adorable. I just have to find the right tie!

And here is a photo of the giant Tardis cake that I got for MacTroll's birthday. We'll be taking leftovers to all the neighbors... Cause holy cow that's a lot of cake.

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