Thursday, October 18, 2012

Election Drama

For months various representatives' computers have been calling my home to get me to vote for them. The most frequent and nastiest of the computer recorded calls have been from the Davis/Gill face off. We have a landline pretty much for my own sanity knowing that if I leave X-man with a babysitter, they have a phone that can call 9-1-1, just in case someone's cell battery is dead. We've just learned that if we don't know the phone number, we don't pick up.

I did not watch the presidential candidates debate last night. I hate debate season. It's all high drama. I don't like the tension in the room of two people who obviously would rather spit on each other and talk down to each other than talk with each other. It's ugly and uncomfortable. It's reality TV. And I've never been a fan of reality TV.

The only really good thing about this election season is that this year, I can do early voting at the Tolono Public Library instead of driving over to Brookens in Urbana next to the jail. It's kind of fun. I can vote and then I can check out some library materials. Sweet! They're the only library taking part in our area, and you have to be from specific voting districts, but I still think it's awesome.

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