Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Things that make me laugh

We have two neighbor children who come down and ring our doorbell and play with X-man. One is a five-year-old boy and the other is his nine-year-old sister. They are delightful kids, and I enjoy them very much.

Yesterday, the boy came down and rang the doorbell. X-man and the the boy to his room to play Legos. Moments later the doorbell rang again. His sister gave him a stern lecture about how he didn't tell their mother where he was going, and she as worried.

MacTroll supported her concern and said, "You have to tell your mother where you're going. You could be stuck in a ditch somewhere..."

Suddenly, the sister said, "That's a BAD WORD!"

"D-I-T-C-H, with a D!" MacTroll exclaimed.

Not only was it adorable that she called him out on what she thought she heard. But it was really funny to think about someone, somewhere being "stuck in a bitch."

On a side note, happy birthday to Clawdio, our cat. He's 15 today!

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