Sunday, October 14, 2012

Don't Trust the X-man

Seriously, my child is TERRIBLE at keeping secrets. He doesn't do it to be mean. It's not like he's walking up to small children ruining their holiday, fairy, religious, (fill in the blank here) hopes, dreams and beliefs. He's just -- really excited about doing nice things for people.

Yesterday, we got Booed. If you don't know what this is, it's a holiday tradition in our neighborhood where someone leaves a special treat on your front porch with a poem (that is instructions) and a photo of a ghost. The recipient is supposed to post the ghost on the door and then pick two neighbors to boo and get treats for them to leave as a secret on their front porch. It's a bit like a chain letter -- with toys, crayons and candy.

After he got booed, X-man came up with the friends he wanted to boo. I told him we'd have to go around the block and see who had ghosts up on their doors so we'd know who was already chosen. But in his mind, he had two friends already picked out. When one of the friends came to the door to play this morning... he spilled the beans. :-) Then when the child called him out on sharing the secret, he backpedaled. "Maybe, maybe I'll boo you!" And then he fessed up who he wanted the second boo to go to.

It's not unlike Father's Day when we were taking MacTroll out to get his gift. It was one that Dad had to be there to pick out and get measured for... and as I'm driving away toward the store, X-man says, "We're really NOT getting you a bike, Daddy."

Great, thanks kid! No secrets for you! (On the side, his father is also pretty terrible at keeping certain secrets. Things just slide out of his mouth, and he can't take them back. They're both also not very good at lying. These, are, of course, not terrible qualities to have. :-) )

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